Petrol Fuelled AoWei Yama RC Buggy Rundown

Petrol Fuelled AoWei Yama RC Buggy Rundown

AoWei Yama Petrol RC Buggy

The AoWei Yama Petrol RC Buggy vehicle runs on a special mixture of regular unleaded petrol which can be purchased at any petrol station and 2 stroke engine oil which too can be brought at petrol stations. The stated fuel capacity of this car is 0.5L.

This car has been built with an aluminium chassis and strong roll cage for durability as strong as an rc petrol cars and truck. It’s also complete with aluminium alloy parts and suspension, fully adjustable oil filled shock absorbers, fully proportional steering and throttle, 2WD twin rear disc brakes, built in gear diffs and a high performance 26cc engine.

The Yama RC buggy is capable of reaching speeds of up 80km/h and is built on a scale of 1:5.

The control unit works on a 2.4 GHz frequency and has 2 channels. It also has accelerate, forward turning left and right functions. This particular model has a pull start system. This car comes assembled and ready to run. It is suitable for use off road, just like the full size Yama you can see here –


This is a great starting point for anyone who is looking to break into the larger petrol powered RC cars and has a range of spare parts to enable you to repair your car if you crash it and do some damage. There are a ton of videos demonstrating racing one of these to tips and tricks for repairing and maintaining.

There is also a range of upgraded parts for this car so if you decide to push the limit the parts are readily available for you.

Before buying nay type of RC car you need to be sure that it suits your requirements. You don’t want to be spending out on a car that is either too powerful or not powerful enough for you and your skill set.

It’s always got to create a short list of possible cars that you’d like to own and compare them against each other in order to decide which is more suited to you

4 Channel Carbon RC Helicopter

4 Channel Carbon RC Helicopter

The single bladed lightweight and sturdy Carbon RC helicopter is a perfect starting point for beginners. This model is complete with high speed servos giving you a stable flight and good manoeuvrability and flight speeds. Along with its built in gyro which allows auto correction this helicopter is easy to fly.

The remote control unit has 4 channels giving you full 3D flight which includes banking and has a range of around 40 metres. The frame is built using metal and the same goes for the landing gear this provides the helicopter with durability. It also features optional setup for inverted flying. Everything you need to get out and flying is included in the box. Before you do go out with your helicopter it’s always a great idea to have a read through the instruction manual as this will help you to understand what it takes to control the helicopter in order to have an enjoyable flight. There is nothing worse than losing control of your helicopter and watching it come crashing down to the ground.

The batteries used to power this model are a 7.4v 700mAh Li-Ion battery: which is included and 6 AA batteries for the control unit The battery takes around 2 and half hours to charge and will give you a flying time of approximately 8 minutes. If you want to fly this awesome little helicopter for longer periods of time you can purchase additional batteries for this model.

When flying an RC helicopter for the first time it is best to do it in an open area in good conditions so the possibility of a crash are reduced. The controls can take a little getting used to but with a little practice you are sure to be flying your helicopter like a pro in absolutely no time.

Mini Cessna RC Plane

Mini Cessna RC Plane

This mini Cessna RC plane from Skyartec features a powerful 1822 8000kv brushless motor. It also has 3G3X auto correcting system ensuring you get a smooth flight. This remote controlled plane may be small but there is no doubt that it is durable, agile and stable in flight.

The fuselage is made from crash resistant EPO foam so this plane can be followed by beginners learning to fly. The two 3.7g servo’s which come fitted control the flaps.


Due to the smaller wing span which is only 540mm this aircraft can be used in small spaces like parks etc unlike the larger RC planes available. The tail wing span of the Cessna measures 180mm.

The plane comes almost ready to fly; you will need to do some minor assembly like attaching the landing gear etc.

The transmitter for this plane is a 2.4 GHz 4 channel SKYGO2 mini LCD transmitter. This allows the plane to perform manoeuvres and stunts effortlessly and without interference from other RC vehicles that may be in the same are. The advanced frequency setting also allows for a greater range to control the vehicle. The brushless motor is powered by a 3.7v 450mAh 20C Lithium-polymer battery which comes via the 10A ESC system. The transmitter requires 8 AA batteries.

When buying and RC vehicle you need to consider what you want to do with it, whether it be darting across the waters surface, or burning rubber on the race track or soaring high in the skies. You also need to consider your own skill level, you don’t want to go out and spend your hard earned on a car that just isn’t powerful enough for you and your skill set. What ever you decide to buy you are sure to get many hours of fun from your RC vehicle.